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GREEN RIVER COMMUNITY COLLEGE $13,350 For Community Connections

Grant previously approved. Grant for a two fiscal year period totaling $23,262 for a student involved business community research of college’s programs and services.

$3,000 for a prominent Business Speaker Breakfast

Grant provided for community recognition and development. SeaFirst Bank also matched grant.

$18,470 For Mentor Program

Grant is for a four fiscal year period, total of $83,975, for the development, training, and implementation of a broadly focused one on one student relationship with community business leaders, job shadowing, internships, and career speakers. Program subject to review each year.


Second year of 10 years (totaling $260,847) for undergraduate and graduate students to have an opportunity for a meaningful and ongoing interaction with business leaders.

$25,000 For Service Learning Program

Grant is for two years, total $50,000, to provide learning beyond the classroom and provide meaningful service to small businesses and community organizations.

$14,425 for Entrepreneurship Program

Grant through four fiscal years will total $214,217, to strengthen curricular focus, provide student consulting services, develop student business plans for participation in a business plan competition, initiate a entrepreneur speaker series, and link with international entrepreneurial activities.

PACFIC LUTHERAN UNIVERSITY $30,000 For PEEMA (Program on Entrepreneurship and Enterprise)

Request approved for continuation of funding (now total of $75,000) for Family Enterprise Institute; Young Entrepreneur of the Year; South Sound Entrepreneurs Network; High School and Middle School Teacher Business Education Program; Development materials for case studies; Mentorship and Internship Initiatives.

SEATTLE UNIVERSITY $10,000 for Entrepreneurship Center
$5,000 for Mentorship Project

Previously approved Center and Project to be funded each year through fiscal year 2001-02. Including past distributions this grant totals $155,000

$35,000 for Entrepreneur Center and Mentorship Endowment

An exception to guidelines, this grant is for four-year annual payment, until fiscal year 2001-02. Total will be $140,000.


$25,000 For Hi-Tech Speaker Series

Grant provided for three years, total $75,000. Other local universities will be able to attend and tapes will be made available. Speakers will be from local hi-tech business community.

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