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Previously committed grant for the development, training, and implementation of a broadly focused one on one student relationship with community business leaders, job shadowing, internships, and career speakers.

$18,977 for Assistance Center

Grant approved for over three fiscal years, total $64,506. This will provide individual counseling and referral services to entrepreneurs and work with to develop a curriculum of course offerings targeted to independent business owners and managers. They are soliciting private funds for an endowment of $300,000 by December 2001.


Part of 10 years (totaling $260,847) for undergraduate and graduate students to have an opportunity for a meaningful and ongoing interaction with business leaders.

$77,379 for Entrepreneurship Program

Second year of a three-year grant, which total $214,217. Program to strengthen curricular focus, provide student consulting services, develop student business plans for participation in a business plan competition, initiate a entrepreneur speaker series, and link with international entrepreneurial activities.

PACFIC LUTHERAN UNIVERSITY $27,675 For PEEMA (Program on Entrepreneurship and Enterprise)

Final funding (now total of $146,603) for Family Enterprise Institute; Young Entrepreneur of the Year; South Sound Entrepreneurs Network; High School and Middle School Teacher Business Education Program; Development materials for case studies; Mentorship and Internship Initiatives.

$14,109 for Puget Sound Entrepreneurship Academy

Two-year grant for $18,812. Provide high potential Pacific Northwest college students aspiring to entrepreneurial careers with the professional development and access to successful role models. Programs held on Saturday mornings, four to five hours, with 10 programs throughout the semester.

$10,000 for Puget Sound Entrepreneurship Academy

Approved added funds for remainder of this fiscal year and next fiscal year.

SEATTLE UNIVERSITY $10,000 for Entrepreneurship Center
$5,000 for Mentorship Project

Previously approved Center and Project to be funded each year through fiscal year 2001-02. Including past distributions this grant totals $155,000

$35,000 for Entrepreneur Center and Mentorship Endowment

An exception to guidelines, this grant is for four-year annual payment, until fiscal year 2001-02. Total will be $140,000.

$75,116 for Entrepreneur Center

Second year of a four year grant distribution. Grant is to strengthen the Center’s basic consultative program and expand its academic and outreach activities. This includes student teams working with and advising select small business clients; creating a MBA concentration in entrepreneurship; a high school awareness program; an entrepreneur advisor program; an entrepreneur in residence program; and a community speaker series on entrepreneurship.

$19,000 for Faculty Project

See the Faculty Project grant under the University of Washington. This represents the amount granted to applying faculty from SU.


$25,000 For Hi-Tech Speaker Series

Grant provided for three years, total $75,000. Other local universities will be able to attend and tapes will be made available. Speakers will be from local hi-tech business community.

$20,000 for Business Plan Competition

Grant approved for two years, total of $40,000. The competition is focused on creating new ventures. Greater participation from this Foundation and other supporters will provide a substantial increase in the grand prize and several smaller awards to other finalists. This is focused on high quality student teams from all schools and creating new ventures

$36,840 for MBA Mentor Program

Three-year grant is for total of $98,277. Subject to reasonable progress on the $500,000 endowment fund.

$46,600 for Faculty Projects

Grant was for $75,000 to be coordinated by the UW and a representative from this Foundation to distribute to faculty applying from northwest universities. This is to promote entrepreneurial research projects, course and case development. The projects are to be published and available to all schools. Program is subject to review each year, the second year would have $50,000 available for distribution and $25,000 for the third. The second and third year can potentially make a multiple year distribution for an applicant if requested. The $46,600 represents the amount actually distributed to faculty at the University of Washington.

$12,500 for Faculty Symposium

In coordination with the Faculty Projects, this grant was for the development of a quarterly breakfast symposium for the small business and entrepreneurship faculties of the schools in the Northwest.


$25,000 for annual annuity

This grant is specifically directed and exempted from Mission and Guidelines

$28,000 for teacher support

Five-year grant to provide a teacher while School secures funds for an endowment to support the salary of a teacher into the future. Subject to reasonable progress to goal of a $600,000 endowment fund.


$7,500 Faculty Project

This represents the grant distribution to applying faculty under a program coordinated with the University of Washington.

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