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GREEN RIVER COMMUNITY COLLEGE $50,000 for Small Business Assistance Center

This is to expand the success of current program in Auburn and Enumclaw to a center in the Kent community. This is a three year grant which totals $150,000. The mission is to improve the profitability of independent businesses, through knowledge and skill development, and stimulate economic growth.


Ninth year of a 10-year grant (totaling $260,847) is for undergraduate and graduate students to have an opportunity for a meaningful and ongoing interaction with business leaders.

$67,050 for Entrepreneurship Program

The final year of a four year grant to engage in real “live-fire” business start ups in partnership with the Battelle Institute; to enhance core SPU curriculum; to identify students with entrepreneurial proclivity; and to create a sustainable program.


$25,000 for Business Plan Competition

Second year of a three-year grant is for a total of $75,000. The competition is focused on the education process and creating new ventures. The Competition continues to be extremely successful, provides a substantial learning experience for all participants, and continues to have a positive involvement and effect on all the northwest schools. Funding will be used for prizes.

$16,950 for New Technology Ventures

A one year grant to initiate a program through the Center for Technology and Entrepreneurism with the graduate students in engineering, computer science, life sciences, law, and physical sciences who have technical backgrounds but no formal business education, To transform technologies into new viable commercial ventures


$29,851 for annual annuity

This grant was adjusted this year for inflation as requested by Herbert Jones’ Will. The grant is specifically exempted from Mission and Guidelines of Foundation.

$28,000 for teacher support

A new three year grant is to provide an additional teacher while School secures funds for an endowment to support the salary of a teacher into the future.


$20,000 for developing innovative approach to interdisciplinary education.

Initially this will be with students of the College of Engineering and Architecture and the College of Business and Economics. This is the first of a two year grant totaling $60,000. The course developed will be called the “Capstone Projects in Innovation and Entrepreneurship” and will span two semesters or one academic year. This envisions a campus wide program for making entrepreneurship education a common and accessible opportunity for all students in the University.


$18,450 for the full time assistant directorship.

Previously funded as part time coordinator position by the Foundation, the success of the Internship Program has necessitated expansion to a full time position. This grant will partially fund the expansion. The University will fully support this position in the future.


$42,872 for Center for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Studies

This is the final year of a three year grant. The program provides for shadowing, mentoring, internship, and speaker series (non national speakers)


$48,059 is for the Center of Entrepreneurial Activities—Business Resource Center

This continues assistance of the Center to enhance the networking, education, and service directly for the students and Spokane County, and for the Inland Empire. They have worked well to coordinate aspects of their program with Gonzaga and Whitworth. Progress on all aspects made in first year met approval for this second and then third year of grant.




$20,000 for a Business Plan Competition

This will provide prize funding for a collaborative competition for the students of these schools, and perhaps others in the Spokane area, and the Inland Empire. This will centralize the previous efforts to provide for a more efficient funding through the community in the future. It will provide a more significant experience for all the participating students.


$19,900 is for internships for students.

Second year of a three year grant totaling $60,000 is to provide for internships with local businesses in an important economic area with a substantial impact for students, school, and community.


$20,700 is for Entrepreneur University

This is the second year of a three year grant totaling $62,100. It provides financial assistance to students from Northwest universities and colleges to attend the two day seminar with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, attorneys, marketing and sales experts

$7,820 is for Venture Success

The second of a three year program is to provide impartial critiques for entrepreneurs of their business plans using professional advisor expertise and experience.


$30,000 to implement expansion for the Business Development Institute

This will provide assistance for community entrepreneurs to be successful in their new business ventures and to encourage others to become entrepreneurs.

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